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Kindling & Lighting

All Prices inclusive of VAT at 5%
Solid Fuels Menu:

Kindling, loose - 4.50
back by popular demand,
Great value, 5kg approximately

Kindling, Prepacked - 3
Sealed bag of dry, easy to light wood pieces.  Essential to get you fire off to a good start.  3kg approximately.

Fire Lighting Tips

  • Use a couple of firelighters to get the kindling going, which in turn starts the solid fuel.
  • Air.  Make sure your grate is clear and stack the kindling to create gaps around the core of the fire.
  • Avoid using paper as this will tend to smother the flame.

Flamers, Box: 50p (3);  5.00 (50)
Deal: 2 boxes of 50 - 9 = 100 fires, ~3 month supply

Flamers natural odourless firelighters are untreated, wax dipped fine wood shavings making them easy to light with a long burn. They are suitable for all wood burning appliances and particularly good for barbeques.

Firelighters - 50p (white or brown)

  • Quick ignition to ensure your fire gets off to a good start.
  • These come in a variety of number sizes but its simply the way they are cut in the box.
  • The boxes are a standard size, normally split into 24 cubes
  • COSHH Product Safety Data Sheet

Firemagic Firemaker - 2.80  /  4 for 10
all in one - no kindling required

The new Firemagic Firelighter is a real innovation in fire lighting.  The egg carton appearance of the firelighter is the perfect size and shape to lay on the fire grate and place fuel on.  Simply light the corner, and within minutes you will have a roaring fire.   Pack includes 3 firemakers which can be snapped as required.  Easy to light, clean to handle. odourless, Eco-friendly, and also perfect to use to light your BBQ due to its odourless quality.  See how they work on Youtube


Zip, Premium Firelighters (30) - 1.80
Zip, Premium Firelighters (20) - 1.30

Using a Zip firelighter takes all the effort out of lighting the fire, whether it is fire to warm your home or to start your barbecue - Zip makes it easy.


Burner Firestarter, tub 100 - 10 (from Denmark)  ** New Jan 2015

The ultra clean lighter you can handle without any smell or residue on your hands.  BURNER fire starters are the safest way to light up a fireplace, wood stove, or bonfire.  These odourless packets are classified as non hazardous and non poisonous, and come in a practical storage barrel.  Take a few with you when you head to the woods. They just might make your day.

  • Completely odourless firelighters for fireplaces, stoves and BBQ
  • Environmentally friendly sachets are classified as non-hazardous and non-poisonous
  • Low controlled flame that burns amongst the charcoal/wood, concentrating flame within confined area.
  • Packets have a large surface area, which increases the amount of heat and prevents the fire starter from being smothered in the ashes.
  • Burner Firlighters will light even if they have been exposed to humidity or water
  • Safe and easy to use and will not self-ignite.
  • 100 sachets per barrel
  • Read more on the Burner website...

Extra Long Matches - 80p

Bryant and May (now Swedish Match), approx 50 x 3.5" matches.  This box of Extra Long matches has been designed for lighting open fires, barbecues and candles.  Longer burning in a wipe clean box.


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